The Laura Flanders Show:After Maria: Puerto Rican Self Determination 
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The Laura Flanders Show  After Maria: Puerto Rican Self Determination   
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Laura Flanders  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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What's in store for Puerto Rico's future? More disaster capitalism, or solidarity economics? While the lights have come back on for most, 8% of electrical customers are still waiting. The conversation in other media seems to be shifting to the social crises that are emerging -- but for many basic supplies, services and medical care are still nowhere in sight. And lets not forget that some people are pushing to privatize everything from education to the power grid. In the massive gaps left by our official response, individuals, communities, and organizations are stepping in. A few people who are stepping up join us: Edna Benitez and Damaris Whittaker are from the Middle Collegiate and Fort Washington Collegiate Churches respectively. Theyve been organizing trips to help bring essential supplies to Puerto Rico since the hurricane it. Amy Tidd is with the National Nurses United and has been to Puerto Rico with 2 delegations since Maria. Shes joining us from Bangor, Maine. Plus, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yuln Cruz on what she calls the generous and reaffirming show of support from Americans that have shown support for Puerto Rico.  Carmen Yuln Cruz, Amy Tidd is with the National Nurses United, Edna Benitez and Damaris Whittaker 
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