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** "It was just, I looked and I said, this is who I am, this is what I do. I beat people up, I kill people - something is wrong, I don't know why I'm doing this."

Actor In Crisis About Hollywood?: Brad Dourif Phones In. While most infamously the voice of Chucky, the veteran actor is into something a little different these days, though no less creepy, as Daddy in the half human horror thriller, Wildling. Dourif, who first won critical acclaim as fragile mental ward patient Billy Bibbit in One Flew over The Cuckoo's Nest, reveals in this conversation what scares him most. Which happens to be his turn as a violent racist in Mississippi Burning - that left him depressed for the next three years.

** "Al Pacino is one of the great actors of the past fifty years. But sometimes people forget that Pacino was really a child of the theater - and this high school dropout has starred in acclaimed theater productions of Shakespeare..."

An Evening With Al Pacino: Presenting Wilde Salome. The actor describes during this screening and presentation, his obsession with the 1891 Oscar Wilde play. Along with his lesser known embrace of stage acting, pouring his life into a character, and 'words made flesh.' Jack Shalom attended and reports.

** "It was such a beautiful story, and everything that was happening at that time in Hawaii and the culture, the Hawaiian renaissance. It was so important I think, for not just Hawaii to have that story told, but for the world to learn about it - so I wanted to be part of it."

Kuleana: A Conversation With Christina Anapau. The actress best known for the small screen supernatural series True Blood, phones in to Arts Express to talk about a different sort of ghostly realm in Kuleana. As mythic warriors return to resurrect a suppressed history, and seek retribution against imperialist invasion and occupation of the island nation in the present time.

** "I would love people to raise more questions, especially when it comes to the financial sector. We don't look closely enough - but we are all part of the system that allows banks to do horrible things, to do criminal things."

German Director Christian Schwochow Talks Bad Banks: And this somewhat futuristic financial thriller television series, whose title needs no explanation, as part of the Kino! Festival Of German Films here. Schwochow is on the line from the remote North Sea where he is currently filming, to reference the Deutsche Bank, the Lehman Brothers, and the rise of the Neo-Nazi underground following German reunification - which is Schwochow's other television series, German History X.
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