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In Other News  In Other News April 16, 2018 
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In Other News topics range from the conspiratorial, controversial, and esoteric near the fringe of belief systems. One hour is not usually enough time to explore each topic. Some topics, such as geo-engineering, will be revisited many times.   Dane Wigington / Sherry Shriner 
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It was recently reported that the king of overnight radio Art Bell original host of Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland had passed away. Art Bell's influence was so vast, that it shaped the current paranormal media landscape in this country. I would guess he inspired the hundreds of teams investigating haunted spaces and monster in the woods reality shows. In the mid 90s, Art Bell started opening the phone lines on Halloween nights for ghost stories only. Later, he called it Ghost to Ghost instead of Coast to Coast. Great nighttime radio listening on the AM dial. His books include, The Art of Talk, The Quickening, The Coming Global Superstorm-co authored with Whitley Strieber and The Source, co authored with Brad Steiger.

For a short time In Other News was syndicated on Art Bell's radio network called Dark Matter. I removed the show because of professional differences, but at the time I was producing shows that were more on the fringe. Even though that's what this show is about you can always push against the fabric of this reality. At the time some of the topics being explored were back drop people, clones, beings that appear human that walk among us, and gangstalking. This caught the attention of the WBAI program director at the time, who didn't quite understand what the show was about and he basically took the show off the air. Luckily it was returned to air but at 3AM on Fridays. Then after nearly a year it returned to Mondays but at 11PM instead of 10PM. I'm telling you all this because of a show that didn't air on WBAI during that time. It aired online and on the Dark Matter Radio network.

Earlier this year radio host Sherry Shriner passed away with little acknowledgment. Her last radio show was posted the first week of January 2018. Since 2000 Sherry Shriner was talking about orgonite and how to use it to ward off negative entities, such as demons etc. She sold it and distributed it around suspected underground bases. Sherry connected the etheric with spirituality. She claimed to have a direct line to God and Lucifer. She was very clear in explaining that all aliens are bad, that they're fallen angels or demons. There are many abductees who wouldn't disagree with her. Its not difficult to see how this type of radio was considered too far out on the thin ice.

One topic that Sherry was focusing on before she passed was the death of Kenneka Jenkins. Kenneka was found in dead in a walk in freezer in Rosemont Hotel in Chicago. Not quite the same as Elisa Lam's case but there is surveillance video of a very disoriented Kenneka wandering the halls and kitchen area of the hotel. This case was on Sherry's radar for a number of shows. Sherry didn't do interviews, she was often sandbagged and made fun of. I'm not sure if she was an agent or not. I was told she was but how do you know for sure?

In the spirit of Art Bell and in remembering Sherry Shriner, we hear the interview with Sherry from 2014. Now, this is back in October of 2014. The massive Climate March had taken place and I asked Dane Wigington to be on to talk about his thoughts on how 400 thousand people can ignore the ongoing aerosol operations.  
Geoff Brady, host and independent radio producer in New York City  
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