What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:"Trump Is The Ultimate Urban Recycler: How Else To Explain Trump Hiring Rudy Giuliani To Be His Lawyer. And How About Those Nominees?" ( Told Through Narration, Music And Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  "Trump Is The Ultimate Urban Recycler: How Else To Explain Trump Hiring Rudy Giuliani To Be His Lawyer. And How About Those Nominees?" ( Told Through Narration, Music And Soundbites)   
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The Democrats are suing The Trump Campaign, Russia and Wikileaks for hacking DNC e-mails. Trump sure can pick em...from Giuliani...to a NASA head confirmed by just one vote... no really, even Trump's pick for NASA is controversial..but will Republicans in Congress lift a finger or vote an aye to keep Mueller and Co. from being fired?? Engines of the week. One rocket that worked...one 737 engine that didn't. Trump saves Macron from the heartbreak of dandruff. And, paging Dr. Ronny Jackson...your nomination is in cardiac arrest...but of course,, the decision on whether to defib is up to you. Defib... sounds like an apt solution for all those Trump and Co. fibs? ( Told Thru Narration, Music and Soundbites  paul fischer/host/writer 
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This program contains soundbites..including.. montage/mix/mashup DNC chair, Tom Perez, talking points in various news show appearances to explain Dem lawsuit against Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks over the DNC email hack (PBS/ABC This Week/ MTP)... More Perez on why this lawsuit..why now.. Trump's NEW Russia lawyer...Rudy Giuliani???... excerpts of various Rudy raves..excerpt Biden on Rudy Giuliani... Will Trump fire Mueller part 5: Trump meandering Q and A during press conf. with Japan's P.M. Abe... Meanwhile, GOP leaders in Congress won't back a bill to protect Mueller...montage/mix/mashup...excerpts of House Speaker Ryan, Sen. Maj. Ldr. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Dem Ldr, Chuck Schumer...McConnell tells Fox News flat out he will not bring a "protect Mueller" to the Senate floor for a vote... excerpt...Sen. Judiciary Chair, Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa says he will bring up the "protect Mueller" bill for a committee vote...despite McConnell's stand against it.. How did Trump's nominee for NASA get so many NO votes for confirmation..including a NO from former astronaut, Sen. Bill Nelson...excerpts Nelson during Senate Sci And Tech hearing.... nat snd..results of NASA head confirmation vote....nat snd..TESS exoplanet detection satellite launch on Spacex rocket..nat snd..Elisa Quintana, NASA astrophysicist ( NASA. gov)..nat snd...Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults after 737 jet engine failure talks with Philly tower for emergency landing...excerpt...Trump saves visiting French Pres. Macron from dandruff speck... montage/mix/mashup...Dr. Ronny Jackson White House doc nomination to be VA chief goes critical..excerpts Trump, Dr. Jackson...Schumer..McConnell.... from C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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