Your Own Health And Fitness:Hormone Replacement: How, Who, & When 
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Your Own Health And Fitness  Hormone Replacement: How, Who, & When   
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Layna Berman  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Health educator Layna Berman discusses recommendations for bio-identical hormone replacement for both sexes.  Layna Berman 
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HOST INTRO Hormone replacement: is it natural? Well, it really depends on how you do it, with what sort of hormones, and how you define "natural." Strictly speaking, it is more natural to age without interventions, but it's also more natural to go to bed as soon as the sun goes down instead of sitting up reading by a lamp. Our world isn't natural in many ways and the stressors that we are exposed to change what happens to our natural hormone balance. Increasingly, young people have hormone distortions from the increased starch and sugar in their diets and the hormones they're unwittingly exposed to in our environment. In terms of men and women aging naturally, many people have opted for enhancing their chances of having an independent and healthy maturity and living longer. Some of these enhancements include the use of various supplements such as herbs to help with symptoms of hormone imbalance. They're more comfortable using these "natural" remedies instead of hormones. So how did hormones get such a bad rap and is it possible to use hormones that aren't disruptive? Today I want to share some information about the use of bio-identical hormones in small doses through the skin to treat a variety of problems faced by modern people of both geneders and all ages.  Produced and hosted by Layna Berman, with assistance from Jeffry Fawcett, PhD
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