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Morning Song  MS004inmemorium180523  Memorial Day Observed 
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Victoria Parks  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Morning Song episode number 4, In Memorium, in observance of those we love who have fallen in war, with inspired epic and new age soundtracks from Loreena McKennitt, The Immediate, Audiomachine, Phil Rey, Brand X Music, Hans Zimmer. music from Michael Kamen and the Band of Brothers, the original motion picture soundtrack, Future World Music with Vlado Hudec & Armen Hambar, Really Slow Motion, BrunuhVille, and Thomas Bergersen & Two Steps From Hell.

I so happened to produce this program on April 22, the anniversary of Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan in 2004, and so, I dedicate the past hour to Pat Tillman, who abandoned a multi-million dollar contract playing football for the Arizona Cardinals to serve his country after 9/11. At the time he believed it the right thing to do. but Tillman became disillusioned by the Bush administration and the war he came to feel was an "illegal and unjust". It has been alleged Tillmans life was taken from him by his own company and subsequently covered up by the Pentagon. May blessing follow all those who speak their truth, for they are among Americas finest.  
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Morning Song, This music series wakes your heart to a new day on Earth with classical, epic, fantasy soundtrack, soft Celtic, new age and world music. These evergreen programs feature inspired themes and may include sub-series. All episodes are produced to put the listeners in the right heart and head space as they face a new day. Morning Song is suitable for all ages. Morning Song will upload to Pacificaa Audioport on Wednesdays for broadcast anytime in the week following date of intended broadcast. Morning Song may be syndicated for non-profit use. Please email me at babygoddess at icloud dot com to let me know you r station would like to carry Morning Song. All programs are easily found in a track list and are named: Morning Song>series number>show theme with any volume number>day of intended week of broadcast as year(00),month(00), day(00), for the seven days following the named date. Playlists for all licensed music are included with artist/title/disc information in the Credits window.  Breaking of the Sword (theme)/(single)/Loreena McKennitt/(2017)Quinlan Road Music
Purple Heart/The Immediate/Trailerhead: Nu Epiq
Above and Beyond/Audiomachine/Phenomena
The Pacific - Honor (Feat. James Fitzpatrick)/The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra/The Best of Hans Zimmer
Main Titles from the HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers (Instrumental)/The London Metropolitan Orchestra: Michael Kamen/Band of Brothers-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pillars of Eternity/ Future World Music & Vlado Hudec/Pulse of Life
Where Heroes Fell/Really Slow Motion/Iron Poetry
An Army of Heroes/Phil Rey/ Battle for Humanity
Memories/BrunuhVille/Tales From The Lost Kingdom
Rebuild/Brand X Music/ Chronos
Elegy/Brand X Music/ Chronos
Crimson Tide - Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Feat. James Fitzpatrick)/The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra/The Best of Hans Zimmer
Eternal Light/Future World Music & Armen Hambar/Zero Hour
Heart of Courage/Thomas Bergersen & Two Steps From Hell/Invincible
Pearl Harbor - Heart Of The Volunteer (Feat. Nic Raine)/The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra/The Best of Hans Zimmer
Men of Honor/Thomas Bergersen & Two Steps From Hell/Miracles
Men of Honor, Pt. 2/Two Steps From Hell/Heaven Anthology
Written in the Wind/Future World Music & Vlado Hudec/Pulse of Life 
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View Script    05-15-2018  English 
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