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** "I'm someone who still likes to read books and hold them in my hand."

EX LIBRIS: Director Frederick Wiseman Phones In. Ex Libris: The New York Public Library, a conversation with Frederick Wiseman, discussing the eminent veteran filmmaker's latest documentary celebrating public libraries as so much more than repositories for books. And in effect, a powerful blueprint for saving public libraries from greedy predatory urban removal real estate developers, intent on demolishing them and grabbing the land right under them - with libraries as community centers for the masses by default, in a society lacking them under capitalism.

And Ex Libris as a showcase for the treasure trove to be found in libraries, touching on archival material not available online; historic picture files of unicorns, shoes, pickles, somebody holding an umbrella - and lots of those pictures apparently stolen by Andy Warhol. Along with distinguished library guest lecture series by, say Elvis Costello 'explaining why it's appropriate in light of her attack on working people, to be stomping on Margaret Thatcher's grave.'
In limited release last fall, and now on DVD.

** "There's a whole history of people in the United States opposing capitalism - and in fact the most popular book at one point in US history was Looking Backward."

Book Corner: Political analyst, RT reporter and contributor to this show Caleb Maupin takes a surprising and enlightening new look at Edward Bellamy's wildly popular novel, Looking Backward. And what it all has to do - or not - with Ben Hur, Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Pledge Of Allegiance, and perhaps sci-fi socialism.

Two Takes On Godard:

** "Now I think it's very different, it's much more political and the times have changed so much - it's not the same to be a revolutionary now than it used to be."

Godard Mon Amour: French filmmaker Michel Hazanvicius is on the line to the show to probe his satirical biopic of sorts, based on the iconic directing legend's rocky marriage to 17 year old actress - and fleeting muse apparently - the late Anne Wiazemsky, as detailed in her disparaging page to screen fictional memoir. Along with Godard's conflicted love affair back then as well 50 years ago on the eve of the Paris '68 mass uprisings, with the French left - in the midst of the ensuing mass protests in the streets.

Hazanvicius, who had only been just born back then and who is himself acclaimed as the Oscar winning director of the unusual, whimsical silent film The Artist in 2011, focuses in particular on the relationship of art to activism, and class consciousness and conflict. And well as challenging those who view Godard worshipfully as more an idea than "a guy just eating his breakfast" - by presenting him on screen as "neither icon nor villain - and who can act like an asshole and be a great artist at the same time."

** "Godard in voiceover announces 'War Is Here.' His answer to this chaos and destruction is a title that harkens back to his work in the period of worker and student strikes in May '68 - 50 years ago to the day. And that title reads, There Must Be A Revolution."

"Bro On The World Film Beat: The Cannes Film Festival Report. Arts Express Paris Correspondent, Sorbonne Professor Dennis Broe is on location at Cannes, and with a look at Godard's film screening there, The Image Book.

And in his report, Art Versus Commerce at Cannes 2018, Broe also touches on class, colonialism and gender in the Me Too Movement; female factory workers chained to their sewing machines; Netflix non grata - and Orson Welles too; and selfie taboos on the Red Carpet.
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