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** "This is a representation of my cartoons into reality - which almost nobody has ever successfully made work."

Jules Feiffer Talks Bernard And Huey. Eminent veteran Pulitzer and Oscar winner, and Village Voice and NY Times cartoonist and screenwriter Jules Feiffer is perhaps best known on screen for penning Carnal Knowledge. But a very personally conceived film based on his satirical cartoons is now a movie - 'Bernard and Huey.' Updated from decades ago, and to explore the more eccentric nature of the human personality and how it's changed across the years - or has it? At 89 years old, Feiffer's discerning eye continues to ferret out uncompromising candid and brutal equal opportunity perceptions pertaining to both the male and female psyche - though tending to emphasize toxic masculinity.

And in our conversation, Feiffer touches on the writer's creative process in connection to detectives, dummies and red herrings; Viet Nam, The Great Depression and almost writing Dr. Strangelove; discovering rage and hate when drafted into the Korean War, and Kubrick inviting him to write a screenplay for a movie that was never made; and the birth of the Cold War and the Nuclear Age, when language became a means of avoiding communication and lost all meaning.

** "It was around the time that Che began to think about the struggle of the people of South America, and his place in the world - and in those star-filled nights, Che slowly began to realize that the struggle of the people was his struggle, too..."

Book Corner: This week June 14th, marks what would have been the 90th birthday of revolutionary icon Ernesto Che Guevara - ambushed in a CIA orchestrated assassination by the Bolivian military in 1967. An eternal inspiration of mass movement uprising and liberation around the world then and now, Che and his political awakening as a young man is the subject of a consciousness-raising children's book by M. Earl Smith, 'Stars Over Latin America.'

Smith is on the line to the show to describe putting young people in touch with the world socially and politically, which is so lacking in literature for children in this country. And Smith, writing from his own millennial generation point of view, introduces young readers to Che's ideological awakening when he was that age too.

** "I find the people that I meet, to be so delightful. And I simply can't believe that they would be behind this monster that we call the United States - that they're feeding the monster."

Evening At The Talkhouse: A Conversation With Wallace Shawn. The veteran actor, playwright and essayist in discussion with Jack Shalom about his latest theatrical production co-starring with Matthew Broderick - and now online as well at The Intercept. And Shawn still worrying about the world, and in search of comprehending the contradictions and dark side of America through his work - and what is to be done about the deplorable state of things in US society. No less than when Shawn embarked upon this quest for his most acclaimed role, in director Louis Malle's 1981 screen classic, My Dinner With Andre.
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