Sprouts:Intersex and Transgender Youth 
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Sprouts  Intersex and Transgender Youth  Outcasting 
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Sprouts  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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LANGUAGE ADVISORY - This is a program about the phenomenon of intersex. It is both scientific and personal in nature. Because the term intersex refers to people who, among other things, are born with both male and female sex traits and organs, this program includes the word clitoris.

There is nothing indecent about the use of these words in this context. Nevertheless, we have included a content notice at the beginning of the program.


On the two previous editions of OutCasting, we explored intersex with two professors who are authorities on the phenomenon. Both of them are intersex themselves and one is also transgender. This month, we continue the exploration by talking with an intersex youth, Dominic Luke Wolf, who was assigned female at birth and identifies as transgender.

Among other things, Dominic was born with a condition that caused his body to produce testosterone as well as estrogen, and the warring hormones had effects on his development of secondary sex characteristics. Perhaps most interestingly, he was not subjected to involuntary medical interventions and has had the autonomy to experience his intersex condition on his own terms. Join us as OutCaster Andrea talks with Dominic. 
Dominic Luke Wolf, an intersex and transgender youth 
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In addition to being a regular contributor to Sprouts, OutCasting is also available under its own name every month here on Audioport; youll find it if you search by Producer for OutCasting Media.

Audio promos for this Sprouts edition of OutCasting (29 and 59 seconds, with time for your local tag) are available as wav files at


We also produce OutCasting Overtime, a monthly series of shorter pieces mainly featuring personal stories and opinions of OutCasting's youth participants, who are LGBTQ and straight allies. Find it here on Audioport. 
OutCasting youth participants Alex, Andrea, Dante, Dhruv, Griffin, Lucas, Mason, Quinn, Nico, Max, and Lauren. Assistant producers Alex Mintz and Josh Valle; executive producer Marc Sophos.


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