: Commission on Military, National, and Public Service 
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Not a Series  Commission on Military, National, and Public Service   
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This event, one of several elusive "public" hearings, likely to justify new legislation from Congress for conscripting youth into the military or publicly funded corporate purposed nonprofit run training programs, all euphemistically branded "service" to the nation. This hearing was themed "Pathways to Employment".

Panelist selected by the commission work with Veterans and prominently African-American youth on Chicago's south and west sides through NGOs. One is a commentator on the most widely listened to radio station in Chicago's black community, WVON 1690AM.

The audience of, aprox 40, was composed of people representing NGOs seeking additional funding for their "good works" and opponents to compulsory registration, selective service, nationalism and US militarism. Several traveled from out of state to attend and testify; one even reminding the Commission that the most recent U.S. wars were based on lies and deception. Praise for military "service" was regularly expressed from the front of the room, as if mindless and amoral obedience is not its subtext. Witness the experience of Chelsea Manning and James Snowden and the venom they received from the government for what in reality was heroic and selfless service. Funding for citizens and the commons in what still claims to be a democratic republic experiences the "Israeli diet", while the Pentagon and Death Enabling Corporations engorge themselves on public money at a vomitorium known as "national defense".

Intro and panel 0:0:0 - 1:04:16
Q&A and Public Comments 1:04:16 - 1:47:46

Introduction: Debra Wada, Vice-Chair and Commissioner
Remarks: Evelyn Sanguinetti, Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

Leah Eggers, Program Manager of Youth
WorkforceDevelopment, Youth Guidance:
Americacorps Alum: and Returned Peace Corps
Ruthie Moore, Contributor, WVON 1690 AM
Eli Williamson, Co-Founder/Board President, Leave No Veteran Behind 
Alan Khazei, Commissioner - moderator 
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"The Commission was created with a broad, aspirational mandate: to develop ideas that will foster a greater ethos of military, national, and public service among Americans of all ages and, in the process, strengthen our democracy. The Commission will also conduct a review of the military selective service process. Over the course of the next two-plus years, we hope to ignite a national conversation around service and inspire more Americans to serve. We intend to listen to the public, learn from those who serve and have yet to serve, and understand what barriers may exist that prevent more Americans from serving. Ultimately, our goal is to transform this conversation into a series of recommendations for the country, the American people, Congress, and the President."

Kennedy-King College, Chicago
Congress who punted on conscripting women 
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