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** "You don't think what a little plot of land means, till someone takes it and you can't go back. Your feet still want to walk there. Now you are drifting worse than homeless dust..." - Naomi Shihab Nye, 'Everything In Our World Did Not Seem To Fit.'

Poetry Corner: A Blade Of Grass - New Palestinian Poetry. Poems celebrating a culture of resistance and solidarity - read by the poets and in translation, and by advocates for justice. An anthology of works by poets from the Occupation, from imprisonment, bombardment, internal exile in Israel, and the Palestinian diaspora. And including a poem in memory of Razan Al-Najar, the 21 year old Palestinian nurse murdered by an Israeli sniper while tending to wouned protesters during the March Of Return. Chris Butters reports.

** "I think certainly the way that my mother parented, reflected that I think she made sure she was a thousand percent present in our lives."

Letters From A Young Father: A Conversation With Edoardo Ponti. The filmmaker and now poet phones in to share thoughts about how his mother Sophia Loren has informed and inspired his poetry. And what the screen legend imparted to him, along with his father, the late eminent filmmaker Carlo Ponti, to face the challenges of his own journey to parenthood - through his venture into poetry with this book. Ponti also recounts how Sophia Loren is one of the very few actresses playing working class women on screen who actually came from a life of brutal poverty herself - and not just an actor impersonating the working class. Ponti will also read from his work.

** "I think it's a scary time, when belief systems can dictate whether or not content is deemed safe or not. And in this particular case, where we are spreading knowledge and information - it scares me, and sends a very clear message that we are living in an era of censorship."

Cyberspace Corner: Green Flower Media - what is it all about, and what does it have to do with cannabis knowledge. Green Flower Media head Max Simon is on the line to explain how his video platform created by doctors, researchers and scientists, delivers that knowledge around the globe to normalize the conversation about marijuana. Along with what's up with a Youtube censorship shutdown known as 'cannabis cleansing' against his organization. Plus, his take on both the inteference and signs of moving in to take over the progressively legalized cannabis industry by the alcohol and pharmaceutical corporations - and his thoughts about the mass incarceration for life of those convicted of drug charges.

** "If a character is a moron and has a weird name, I'll probably get the job - but I feel like I play stupid with a certain joyfulness."

Matt Jones Talks Breaking Bad: And one of those unusual roles as Badger, in this small screen cult classic, meth fueled suburban noir playing out in the New Mexico desert. In a kind of generation gap, economic hard times vocational switchup of Bryan Cranston from teacher to underground meth manufacturer, to initially make middle class ends meet. Jones also delves into the mysterious phenomenal success of Breaking Bad that remains an online streaming sensation after all these years - and the collection of strange characters filling his dramatic dossier, exemplifying "the crazy stuff that has become the collage of my life."
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