OutCasting Overtime:OutCasting Overtime - August 2018 - Dating while queer in high school. 
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OutCasting Overtime  OutCasting Overtime - August 2018 - Dating while queer in high school.   
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OutCasting Media  Monthly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Note: This edition of OutCasting Overtime is longer than usual - 21:47. If you would like us to divide it into shorter pieces, please contact us.

Dating in high school can be confusing enough. "Do you think he likes me?" "Will she think I'm a dork?" "He's a senior and I'm only a freshman. Can I just go up and talk to him?" But for LGBTQ teens, the challenges can be even more daunting. Issues of outing and even violence can arise. "I like her but she's not paying attention to me. If I tell her I'm interested, will I be outed to the entire school? What if my parents find out?" "He's cute. I wonder if he's gay. If I try to talk to him and he's not, will he and his friends beat me up after school?" And with a much smaller dating pool, its harder to find an appropriate partner.

In this month's edition of OutCasting Overtime, youth participants Alex, Andrea, and Lauren talk about all of this and more.  
OutCasting youth participants Alex, Andrea, and Lauren 
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21:47, suitable as a drop-in in a longer program. We can break this piece into shorter pieces; please contact us.

OutCasting Overtime is a monthly series of short pieces mainly featuring personal stories and opinions of OutCasting's youth participants, who are LGBTQ and straight allies. It's available by the first day of every month here on Audioport.

We also produce OutCasting, a monthly series of 29 minute programs covering LGBTQ issues in depth as seen from a fresh youth perspective. Find it here on Audioport. 
OutCasting youth participants Alex, Andrea, and Lauren; assistant producer Josh Valle; executive producer Marc Sophos. 
Sexuality / Romance | Dating | Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans  
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