Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour:September 07, 2018 
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Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour  September 07, 2018  As Republicans wipe their nose on the flag, conservative strategy steamrolls on. 
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Thom Hartmann Program  Daily Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Today, Thom walks us through the great many surprising and not-so-surprising revelations resulting from the Kavanaugh hearings. And caller Kino wants to talk about Republicans he says are organizing to retire 'Uncle Donnie'.

Then, Thom sits down for a fascinating talk with Minister Jonathon Wilson Hartgrove to find out what evangelicals are feeling about our current president.

From the body language department- a runny-nosed Trump supporter is seen to wipe her nose on the flag in the background of a Montana rally, and a woman in the background of the Kavanaugh hearing appears to flash a white power sign- twice.

Talk Media News' Bob Ney once again tosses the headlines back and forth with Thom- Obama warns the Democrats to get young people to the polls.. and who wrote the White House letter?.. and what is Giuliani really up to?

Finally, Thom powerfully sums up the big picture strategy being pursued by the money-backed conservative movement. 
Minister Jonathon Wilson Hartgrove, Bob Ney, Thom Hartmann 
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