Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour:October 11, 2018 
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Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour  October 11, 2018   
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Thom Hartmann Program  Daily Program  For non-profit use only. 
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=-=-=-=--=-=- This program edited to remove mentions of the day or time of day, and to improve quality, pulling the best parts of the three hour version together into one information-dense broadcast.

0:00 - Sortition - Thom muses on the idea of picking random lawyers to serve on the Supreme Court, or a random sample of citizens to be in Congress.

8:43 - Headlines: Brett Kavanaugh's 5-4 split ruling legalizes one method of voter suppression... and Hurricane Michael and prisons.

11:36 - Would a carbon tax help heal the damage done by carbon companies like Exxon-Mobil? Similarities drawn to the tobacco and asbestos industries

27:55 - Mark Pocan joins us once again, answering listener calls. Thom asks about the straight-up lies Republicans are putting out there in their massive midterm election spending. Congressman Mark Pocan and Thom answer listener questions about understanding universal health care and how to navigate the disinformation about it being spread by conservatives to manipulate the mid-term vote.

51:55 Luke Vargas with Talk Media News brings us headlines- Malaysia and the death penalty compared to red and blue U.S. states, dueling Eastern Orthodox Churches, and Chinese intelligence assets. - THIS SEGMENT OUTROS -
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