The Beloved Community:Resisting the Beast 
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The Beloved Community  Resisting the Beast  Dr. Susan "Elli" Elliot and Imam Muhsen Al-Dhalimy discuss ways of resistance.  
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John Shuck  Monthly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Imam Muhsen Al-Dhalimy of the Islamic Center of Portland Explains the Significance of the 7th Century Martyr, Husayn, and the Popularity of Arbaeen

Imam Muhsen Al-Dhalimy is the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Portland on the corner of Denney and Hall in Beaverton. The Islamic Center of Portland is the only Shia Mosque in the Portland Metro. Imam Al-Dhalimy was born in Iraq and made the pilgrimage to Karbala to mourn Imam Husayn and visit his shrine when doing so was illegal.

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, now between 10 and 20 million people visit the shrine of the grandson of the Prophet every year, making Arbaeen the largest peaceful gathering of human beings on Earth.

I, inshallah, will be going on this pilgrimage courtesy of the Husaynia Society of Seattle. Imam Al-Dhalimy will talk about how the walk has changed and what it means for Shia Muslims and Iraq.

Also, during the first part of the hour, I will speak with Susan Elli Elliot who will be hosting a Jesus Seminar on the Road in Beaverton on October 19-20. She is the author of Family Empires: The Roman Family Empire and Early Christian Responses. In this book,

Dr. Elliott examines the Roman household form as it was changing during the Augustan era. Augustus relied on his version of that family form to establish his one-man rule of the empire. Dr. Elliott lays out several forms of resistance to the Roman empire and the family model on which it was built. 
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This program, The Beloved Community, aired live on Friday, October 12th from 9 to 10 am Pacific Time on KBOO/Portland.

Calls have been removed except from the beginning and the end to identify the source of the program.

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"I Will Crawl on My Knees to You, Hussain," The Tejani Brothers, Collection, 2014 :48 
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