Keeping Democracy Alive:Beat Stress and Anxiety in the Time of Trump 
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Keeping Democracy Alive  Beat Stress and Anxiety in the Time of Trump   
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Burt Cohen  Bi-Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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You are hardly alone. Millions of Americans have been going though PESD since November 2016: Post Election Stress Disorder. Its been a banner business time for psychotherapists. Some wake up with what they call a morning fright. Others have found themselves paralyzed with fear. There is a widely felt sense of being overwhelmed. But we are not powerless and we are not alone. In their new book: Beyond Resistance: Coping with the Stress of the Trump Era"An Essential Guide, co-authors Kathy Hertz and Donna Lipman talk about actions we can take to help us and the world. If we wallow in victimization, we thereby give the right wing more power when it is our power. And as with PTSD, if you feel the stress, that is a sign of good mental and emotional health. And, they suggest, all is not yet revealed, Trump may have given us an inadvertent gift.  Burt Cohen, Kathy Hertz, Donna Lipman 
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  High Anxiety Suicide Machines 
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