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Prison Pipeline  US Prisons House Its Slaves   
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Corporations know the value of prison labour is not just its immediate cost saving! Prison labour is nothing if not scab labour"efficiently serving to undermine wage and labour standards in the general population. Until American voters refuse to allow their tax money to fund a War on Crime that is more effectively a War on the Poor"corporations will continue to enserf the US working class, and US wage and labour standards will continue to deteriorate for everyone. In other words, as long as American voters allow themselves to be divided by race"the two god awful political parties will continue to be god awful.

Joining us this week on Prison Pipeline co-host Emma Lugo will sit down with author and veteran activist Kathleen Bushman to discuss prison labor and the role that corporations and political parties play in perpetuating modern day slavery. US labour history is full of tragic stories from the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire to brutal assaults upon labour as the working class attempted to organise. While slavery has a terrible and tragic history of its own for black labour"slavery has additionally played a part in undermining labour standards and wages for the entire working class. Early labour movement members were subject to brutal beatings by hired thugs, murder or deportation of members and the imprisonment of its organisers. 
Kathleen Bushman, author and activist 
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