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** "My character, she's the antidote to the surrealism that we're enduring in our reality right now. At our own peril we forget our own history - it's there, it can be seen for those who want to pay attention."

Diane Lane Talks House Of Cards, Trumbo, Deep Throat: Lane, who starred as Mark Felt spouse Audrey in The Man Who Brought Down The White House, is up to a different sort of political House Of Cards now, in the new season of that television mini-series. And starring as a ruthless corporate tycoon intent on exerting dubious influence over the US government. In other words, "A show about power - who has it and who wants it."

And where women rule, for better or worse, following the off screen sexually controversial, abrupt elimination of Kevin Spacey from this politics in DC noir, replaced as US President by Robin Wright. Lane, on the line from LA, also delves during our conversation into Achilles' heels, forked tongues, shark tanks, Deep Throat, Trumbo, memories of Laurence Olivier - and Lane's mother as a Playboy centerfold revisited "in my book that I haven't written yet."

** "Gregory Peck said to me, you put me in mind of my friend Anthony Quinn - how he met the challenges of not being racially typecast because some people can't see past the ethnicity."

La Bamba, Big Kill: A Conversation With Lou Diamond Phillips. The veteran actor phones in from LA to talk about his latest role as an enigmatic outlaw in the combo unconventional and satirical classic western, Big Kill. Discussing as well his survival in Hollywood as an actor of color, beginning with his breakout role as the late rock 'n roll pioneer and forefather of the Chicano rock movement, Richie Valens in La Bamba - while dodging stereotypical racial typecasting these many decades by, well, playing all of them.

"You and I wouldn't be talking right now if it weren't for La Bamba - and to do what I love and be given these opportunities. Or something that actually touches people, like 'The 33' about the Chilean miners - that was a huge honor for me."

Arts Express Literary Interlude: Albert Camus, The Last Unfinished Novel

Also, Jim Carrey Channels Charlie Chaplin...

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