Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour:November 08, 2018 
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Thom Hartmann Program - Best Of One Hour  November 08, 2018   
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0:00 - Thom examines an insightful new essay in the Guardian, "Is Trump The New Confederate President?" and reflects reasons it may ring true. And Thom's take on Georgia, where Brian Kemp has declared victory as governor, but Stacey Abrams is not conceding.

11:31 - Bob Ney of Talk Media News is happy to say his election predictions were pretty close- and the former congressman still has had his ears to the ground so he can bring us today's chit-chat from Washington.

17:04 - Thom has a discussion with conservative Bryan Pruitt of on voter suppression. He questions whether Republicans would so easily accept suppression tactics if it were conservative votes being eradicated.

27:52 - The chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Mark Pocan, is the man with the post-election plan. As he and Thom take calls, they count the lessons from the election and contemplate the road ahead. But, what love-letters (with checks in them) will the dastardly lame duck Republicans send the rich and powerful before the year is out? And what sweet jobs will they land next as a result?

42:12 - Greg Palast phone in from Atlanta, where he's been hanging out with purged voters unable to cast a ballot, including -by chance- Martin Luther King's cousin.

52:03 - Thom takes listener calls 
Bob Ney, Bryan Pruitt, Mark Pocan, Greg Palast, Thom Hartmann 
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