Out-FM:Impact of Bolivarian Revolution on LGBT People in Venezuala 
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Out-FM  Impact of Bolivarian Revolution on LGBT People in Venezuala  Interview with Ricardo Julio Sanchez (Part 1) 
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In September Venezuala along with most countries in the world, sent high level delegations to the UN for the General Assembly. Among the leaders present was President Nicholas Maduro of Venezuala. Venezuala faces a political situation much like that of the socialist government in Chile in 1972, Nicaragua in the 1980s and other progressive governments being attacked by the US for operating in their peoples interests rather than US corporate interests. The corporate media has done a massive job of attacking the progressive government there. I interviewed Ricardo Julio Sanchez who is a representative of a consortium of Venezualan LGBT activist groups that came with the Venezualian delegation. I asked him about those groups, what the situation really was in Venezuala and the changes that are happening there.

Ricardo Julio Sanchez 
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  Interviewer John Riley
Thanks to WBAI Producer William Camacaro for assistance setting up the interview and the vice counsule of the Venezualan consulate for translation.
Poverty and Wealth | Globalization | Sexuality / Romance  
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