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** "I feel like in this film, you just really haven't seen all these different images of what love looks like among black people. And so many of the conversations that are being heard in Beale Street, issues around injustice, mass incarceration, police brutality - we are still having those same conversations today."

If Beale Street Could Talk: A Conversation With Actress KiKi Layne. And what she sees as the more accurate reinvention of black images and the African American family on camera, in this James Baldwin 1974 novel to screen adaptation. While bringing to this her perspective as a millennial of color that - "I think I came into the project with a very narrow idea of what strength looks like - and what a strong black woman looks like."

** "You know, it's a weird time. Because this new age, it's almost like bad behavior is permitted. It's accepted, it's us against them - we're doubling down on our stupidity."

Ernie Hudson Talks Trump, The Family Business, Bette Davis, And The California Fires. Delving into an alternate view of black family life, and just how those relationships seem to be playing out during the Trump era. A prolific African American actor who has appeared in an enormously wide range of roles from Leadbelly to The Basketball Diaries, The Crow, Ghostbusters and Grace And Frankie, Hudson revisits co-starring with Bette Davis in White Mama in 1980 - a role it seems he was less than pleased with what he had to say as an actor. And, dealing with the aftermath of the devastating California fires - while trying to set up a working phone connection to call into the show.

Plus, a spoken word fusion of poetry, drama, music and film on the show - along with some vintage standup comedy, Native American style.
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  Host, Prairie Miller 
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