TUC Radio:The Soul of Soil - John Jeavons  
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TUC Radio  The Soul of Soil - John Jeavons    
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This is part of a TUC Radio mini series on Soil, a response to the devastating forest fires in California in 2018.

John Jeavons is a master farmer, educator, researcher, author and Director of the non-profit Ecology Action. He has spent the last 43 years developing and teaching a way of farming and gardening that is free from fossil fuel chemicals; and instead of depleting the soils to grow food is actually enhancing and building the soil. When I first met him at KPFA radio in Berkeley 30 years ago he made the organic farmers uncomfortable by suggesting that they were still not sustainable as long as they imported huge quantities of compost from somewhere else.

John Jeavons gave me permission to read his essay Soul of Soil for you. However I want to start by giving you a sense of his voice and presence by letting you hear the opening minutes of his keynote at the 2015 annual Moses Organic Farming Conference in Wisconsin on the banks of the Mississippi River.

For more information and a beautifully illustrated version of Soul of Soil go on line and search under johnjeavons.org
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