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Not a Series  Louisiana Lagniappe  "No one person is capable of sustaining and preserving the creole culture of Louisiana, it will take many of us teaching and giving more that is required to young creoles of today. That's what Louisiana Lagniappe is all about." -GB- 
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Deanna Jeffrey  Monthly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Using the word Creole correctly is often a thorny problem since it can take on several meanings according to the geographical region or field of research you are referring to "so much so that according to some people, a Creole is anyone who says he is one. In southwest Louisiana, the word Creole refers today to the French, Catholic African-Americans living in the rural region called Acadiana, or who are part of the Creole Diasporas of East Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Houston) and Northern California. Popularized by Clifton Chenier, zydeco as we know it was technically born in the aftermath of World War II in the urban area of Houston, Texas, but it nevertheless remains closely tied to the rural Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana. Described by Barry Ancelet as the result of a typically American experience that blended European, Native American and Afro-Caribbean musical traditions, zydeco is the accordion-based, fast-paced dance music of Louisiana Creoles. It has become one of the cultural markers of Creole identity (along with the French language and the Catholic faith), and most importantly the marker of a newfound pride.  Garry Boast 
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Kermit Ruffins "When I die you better second line"

Iverson "Louisiana Red" Minter "Your Gonna Need Me Baby"

Rockin' Sidney "My Toot Toot"

Clifton Cheniere "You Promised Me Love"

Kermit Ruffins "When I die you better second line"

Chris Schrawtz Interview KPFA Pacifica Radio Network with Clifton Cheniere

Lazy Lester "Sugar Coated Love"

Chris Ardoin "Put'n Work"

Kermit Ruffins "When I die you better second line"

Keith Frank Feat Lil Boosie "Haterz"

Clifton Chenier "The King of Zydeco Get Together Live Performances"

Boozoo Chavis "The Crying Waltz"

Boozoo Chavis "Uncle Bud"

Mildred Boast Interview (Cousin of Clifton)

Muddy Waters "Forty Days Forty Nights"

Wynton Marsalis Mark O'Conner Frank Vign (Quintet) "Second Line Joe Avery Blues"

Kermit Ruffins "When I die you better second line"

Aaron Neville "Everybody Plays The Fool" 
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