The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman:'BradCast' 1/11/2019: (Guest: Ricky Garza of Texas Civil Rights Project) 
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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman  'BradCast' 1/11/2019: (Guest: Ricky Garza of Texas Civil Rights Project)  Independent, investigative news, reporting, interviews and commentary 
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Brad Friedman  Daily Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Donald Trump's federal government shutdown is the now the longest in U.S. history. On Friday, federal workers missed their paychecks, and hundreds demonstrated against the shutdown outside the White House, protesting they cant pay rents, mortgages, or for food and medical needs, as the fallout from the shutdown begins impacting airports, food safety, and low-income housing. The Trump Administration is reportedly considering taking money from U.S. military disaster relief funding earmarked for disaster recovery. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to allow a vote on bills to re-open the government that are identical to those passed virtually unanimously last year. In Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, even before Trump receives the $5.7 billion he is demanding, the federal government is letter to property owners letters, who have lived on the banks of the Rio Grande for generations, to begin the process of seizing their land for eminent domain for the border wall/fencing. Even an historic, 150-year old Catholic mission chapel on the banks of the river is in a legal battle with the federal government to survive. RICKY GARZA, Rio Grande Valley native and staff attorney for the non-profit Texas Civil Rights Project, explains how his organizations is working to help local property owners in the valley understand their legal rights and fend off a government takeover of their land and homes. Garza says: "The only crisis that exists now is artificially created by this administration. The only time I heard any talk about a crisis along the border was when I turned on cable news." Plus: a gob-smacking clip from a 1958 TV series in which -- and this is for real -- a con-man named "Trump" (seriously!) fools a towns residents by telling them that only he can save them, and sells them on a "wall" to protect them from utter destruction...  Brad Friedman, Ricky Garza, Desi Doyen 
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  Host: Brad Friedman
Producer: Desi Doyen 
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