:Chicago Anti War Committe Forum on NATO / Venezula 
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Not a Series  Chicago Anti War Committe Forum on NATO / Venezula  Countering the Lies of the U.S. War Machine 
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WZRD Chicago  Events and Speeches  For non-profit use only. 
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Program to connect the militarism of NATO, no longer a "defensive organization" and now operating far from its European origins and the United States open campaign to over throw the government of Venezuela under pretext of a humanitarian crisis.

Economic war has been directed at Venezuela for over twenty years as it had the affront under its Bolivarian Constitution to use it's national wealth to improve the conditions of its majority population; Venezuelans of African and indigenous descent.

All mineral wealth beneath the ground is now owned by the people, unlike in the United States where profits from mineral wealth are privatized and the public gets the environmental pollution and disease associated with mining.

Bush2 attempted a coup that imposed as President the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Obama declared Venezuela a "special National Security threat to the United States" imposing a financial blockade preventing it from using the U.S. dollar with threats against corporations of being barred from U.S. trade if they continued to do business with Venezuela Trump has made conditions more extreme by appointing death squad organizer Elliot Abrams to over see the U.S. effort while a full scale propaganda campaign, carried by U.S. and British media, has created the narriative used previously to justify invasion as seen in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

NATO is now the joint military arm of former colonial powers. It has bases in South America and even the United States. Whats Up? Lean more and what we can do to organize to stop more war and "regime" change, that has every where resulted in death and destruction for the peoples visited by the "humanitarian gestures: of the Unites States, Ie. Wall Street,The Pentagon, CIA, Citi Bank and the Boeing Company. 
Rick Rossoff, Stan Smith,Neal Resnikoff, moderator Betty Resnikoff  
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  CAWC - Chicago Anti War Coalition 
Poverty and Wealth | Biodiversity / Extinction | Climate Change | Human Rights | Nonviolence / Peace | Capitalism | Neoliberalism | Militarism | Colombia | Venezuela  
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