:Jeff Halper - One Democratic State in Historic Palestine 
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Not a Series  Jeff Halper - One Democratic State in Historic Palestine  Jeff Halper: beyond tribalism and the colonial settler mentality 
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Jeff Helper speaks on a new initiative, the joint work of 90 some Palestinians and Israeli Jews.A plan for one democratic state of Arabs and Jews in historic Palestine. There is effectively only one State already. That was the Zionist plan from the beginning of their colonial settler, religious nationalist project. But there are other facts on the ground, beside the illegally built Jewish only settlements built on Palestinian land;
6,000,000 Palestinians who have resisted the genocidal practices of the Israeli State

Israel is a world leader in the technology of repression. It is exporting that technology to other countries, who seek to suppress their own popular opposition to neoliberal programs and dictatorial governance. Halper speaks briefly of that and of his new book on the topic in as much as Israel is training U.S.
police departments whose militarization and heavy handed
response to protest was visible in Ferguson, Missouri following the police murder of Michael Brown and the revelations of widespread racist and criminal practice of police and city officials in dealing with the majority black population of Ferguson. 
Jeff Halper 
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  One Democratic State Campaign

Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine

The Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine is a diverse, community-based group dedicated to organizing activities and educational events that advance the cause of peace and justice for both Palestinians and Israelis.

equal rights and access to resources for all inhabitants of the region, based on principles of social, economic, environmental, and political justice. peace and justice activities in Israel, Palestine, and the U.S. an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, in accordance with international law and U.N. resolutions. an end to U.S. policies that sustain the occupation. international support for an equitable and just negotiation process. a resolution to the Palestinian refugee issue in accordance with international law and human rights principles. an end to all forms of terror: state, organizational, and
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