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Not a Series  Eyewitness Venezuela - Report Back Tour  Gloria La Riva on conditions in Venezuela 
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Gloria La Riva, First Vice President of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Local 39521, just back from Venezuela, speaks about what she saw and the people she spoke with during her one month trip.

There to see first hand what was happening she counters the narriative that the U.S. Government and corporate media are using to destabilize the elected Venezuelan government in their campaign to destroy Venezuelan socialism, the humane alternative to the brutality of capitalism, and to regain for private investors and corporations unrestricted access to the mineral wealth of the country.

Gloria was witness to Venezuelans defending their sovereignty at the border when the U.S. weaponized "humanitarian aid" in a violent stunt to split the military about which she comments.

She showed several short interviews; a few snippets of the audio are included though the interview at a public out door gym is complete. It elicits a laugh from the audience as the person flexes his muscle for the camera while declaring, though not a follower of Maduro, as a patriot he is ready to defend his country from foreign invaders.

Contrary to the propaganda people are not starving. There are problems she notes but ending the U.S. instituted financial blockade, long term interference in its trade relations and sabotage of the food distribution and electrical system would allow those problems to be resolved internally.

Gloria La Riva refers to several articles that can be found at the answercoalition.org web site which has up to date reporting from Venezuela. 
Gloria La Riva, First Vice President of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, Local 39521 
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A national webinar on April 20 with journalists is mentioned.
Special Eyewitness Venezuela Livestream Panel featuring:

Ajamu Baraka " Black Alliance for Peace
Gloria La Riva " Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Committee and ANSWER Coalition
Max Blumenthal " Editor at Grayzone Project
Medea Benjamin " CodePink
Anya Parampil " Grayzone Project
Claudia De La Cruz " Popular Education Project


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