What's the Frequency, Kenneth?:"Input Overload And A Slo-Mo Coup" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites) 
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  "Input Overload And A Slo-Mo Coup" ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)   
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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Pompeo and Putin and Lavrov. Don Jr. and The Senate Intel subpoena. Giuliani and Ukraine. The UN/ IPBES Global Biodiversity report finds one million plant and animal species facing extinction. So what happened to promises of lowering prices for RX drugs??? ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites)  paul fischer/host/writer 
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This program was run thru filters for voiceovers, to reduce "clipping" and to "level" the audio.

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This program contains soundbites..including opening Secy of State Pompeo Montage/Mix/Mashup of Pompeo ticking off the topics of his talks with Putin/Lavrov..including last ( but not least?) Russian interference in US elections... re: the Senate Intel subpoeana for return Don jr testimony. montage...with excerpts Q and A Trump react to Don jr subpoeana by republican led committee...excerpts ranking dem on Intel Comm...Mark Warner... excerpt Sen. Richard Blumental react... excerpt House Intel chr Adam Schiff.. excerpt Rudy Giuliani on going to Ukraine to "meddle"..react from House Judiciary Chair, Jerry Nadler.. excerpt fmr FBI General Counsel Jim Baker says there was no "coup" attempt against Trump during Q and A at Brookings Inst.. excerpt Rudy Giuliani does U turn on trip toUkraine ( Fox).. Montage/Mix/Mashup excerpts from UN/IPBES global biodiversity report press conf on findings that 1 million plant and animal species are now facing extinction..including excerpts from global assessment co-chairs, Eduardo Brondizio and Sandra Diaz.. Montage/Mix/Mashup on soaring RX prices..with excerpts/mashup of drug ads pitches..drug ad side effects..drug ad " ask your doctor if ( fill in the blank) is right for you..excerpts Health Secretary Alex Azar on requiring tv drug ads to include drug prices..and why this would help lower prices..excerpts montage/Mix Mashup..House subcom hearing on Rx Prices featuring reps from pharma co's Pfizer,Amgen, Exelexis, and PBM's ( Pharmaceutical Benefit Mgrs) Express Scripts and Navitus Health Solutions with excerpts and Q and A's from House subcom chr, Eschoo..excerpt Rep. Frank Pallone..excerpt Rep Joe Kennedy.. from C Span, Media and Political Websites..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
Topics | Arts and Humanities | Politics and Activism | Society and Culture | Music | Poetry/Spoken Word | Radio Arts | Free Form Radio | National News  
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View Script  NYC  05-14-2019  English 
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whatsfrequencykenneth  256Kbps mp3 (108.04MB) Stereo 


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