The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman:'BradCast' 5/15/2019 (Guest: 30-year Leon County, FL Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho) 
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The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman  'BradCast' 5/15/2019 (Guest: 30-year Leon County, FL Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho)  Independent, investigative news, reporting, interviews and commentary 
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Brad Friedman  Daily Program  For non-profit use only. 
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On today's 'BradCast': Even Republicans in Florida have finally been forced to admit what we've been pointing out about the 2016 election for years. Florida's new Republican Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged that at least two county election systems were infiltrated by Russian intelligence in advance of the 2016 election, but says the FBI forbid him from publicly identifying the counties. Former Leon County, FL Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho, the legendary elections chief in Tallahassee, explains the insider details of DeSantis' announcement, and charges that the FBI lied when telling county election officials that "no county had been hacked" in the run-up to the 2016 contest. Sancho says he has no reason to trust the claims by either DeSantis or federal officials that the 2016 election results were unaffected by the attack, and offers some serious-as-a-heart-attack warnings about 2020 in the bargain. Also today: Trump Administration ratchets up its threat of war against Iran, for reasons that no one " including U.S. allies " seems to understand, deploying war ships to the tinder box region and ordering all nonessential government staff out of Iraq due to unspecified and unsupported claims of "threats" from Iran. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed the most draconian anti-abortion bill in the nation, outlawing nearly all abortions, with no exceptions for rape or incest. The new law, adopted Tuesday by the male-dominated state Senate and signed less than 24 hours later, would not only force women to carry the child of their rapists, it could also penalize doctors more harshly than the rapists. Plus: reported results from North Carolina's 9th congressional district special election primary, in which the seat has remained unfilled since the 2018 contest was tossed out after revelations of a criminal GOP absentee ballot fraud scheme...   Brad Friedman, Ion Sancho, Desi Doyen 
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  Host: Brad Friedman
Producer: Desi Doyen 
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