Sprouts:Religious Liberty vs LGBTQ Equality part 2 
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Sprouts  Religious Liberty vs LGBTQ Equality part 2  Can a Cake Shop Legally Cite Religious Beliefs in Refusing to Make a Wedding Cake for a Same Sex Couple?  
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Cake shops and florists claim they're entitled to deny their services to LGBTQ people in the name of religious liberty. This discrimination would not be seen as legitimate if it were directed at any other minority group.

So is there any legitimacy when a business owner cites "religious liberty" to justify denying service to LGBTQ people? What are the contours of religious liberty? What's supposed to happen when someone, citing religious liberty, discriminates against LGBTQ people, thus denying their equality? What does "equality" mean in the United States? Does one of these values take precedence over the other when they come into conflict?

Joining us to delve into this issue is Jennifer C. Pizer. Jenny is the Senior Counsel and Director of Law and Policy for Lambda Legal, the country's oldest and largest legal organization seeking full recognition of the civil rights of LGBT people and everyone living with HIV. 
Jenny Pizer, Senior Counsel and Director of Law and Policy for Lambda Legal; OutCaster Lucas 2 
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