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Spoiler Alert Radio  Adam Clark - New Zealand Cinematographer  Adam Clark - New Zealand Cinematographer 
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MergingArts Productions  Weekly Program  See Notes. 
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Cinematographer Adam Clark has worked on a variety of projects from commercials to television shows to short and feature films.

He has worked for such New Zealand luminaries as Allan Bawlin-jurr and Peter Jackson, and most recently has been the director of photography for the films of director Taika Waititi.

Some shorts Adam has worked on for Taika include the oscar-nominated Two Cars One Night as well as Tama Tu. He has worked on Taikaís debut feature Eagle vs. Shark and his recent feature film Boy.

Boy is a coming of age tale of a boy growing up in the year 1984, whose father returns after a seven year absence, and is not quite the hero the boy had imagined him to be.
Toni Pennacchia (Host) with Adam Clark 
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Adam Clark - New Zealand Cinematographer 
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