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Spoiler Alert Radio  Chico Colvard - Family Affair  Chico Colvard - Family Affair 
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MergingArts Productions  Weekly Program  See Notes. 
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Chico Colvard is the producer and director of a deeply personal and uncompromising documentary, called Family Affair.

For 8 years, the Chico has examined the complex levels of incest and how it can manipulate and control an entire family for life.

Family Affair is a story about resilience, survival and understanding one's capacity to accommodate a parent's past crimes in order to satisfy the longing for family.

Family Affair challenges audiences to take a more complicated view of child molesters like the filmmaker's father, while fostering compassion for the survivors like Chicoís sisters.
Toni Pennacchia (Host) with Chico Colvard 
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Chico Colvard - Family Affair 
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