Talk Nation Radio:Edward Girardet, Afghanistan More for Sale Today than 10 Years Ago 
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Talk Nation Radio  Edward Girardet, Afghanistan More for Sale Today than 10 Years Ago  Part 2, the author of Killing the Cranes, on bin Laden, Oil and Opium Trades, National and Foreign Investors 
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US ignored Afghan society and its Loya Jirgha process, and Afghan mistrust of foreigners, of Arabs, Brits, or Americans. Warnings not heeded, death of bin Laden, al Qaeda, opium, and Cheney's 43 million to Taliban. Corporations win, Afghan's lose.  Journalist, author, producer, Edward Girardet, founding director of the Institute for Media and Global Governance in Geneva, Switzerland 
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We also hear about the way punishment for the Taliban only served to start a new war. Yet, ...'had there been a more astute perception about what was going on in Afghanistan at the time---the US could have focused on the ones who were closely operating with al Qaeda--the majority were not' and 'Afghans were tired of war' by the time of the Bush and Cheney invasion. --Edward Girardet 
Produced by Dori Smith
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See: Institute for Media and Global Governance, formerly, Media21,

Special Thanks to GLPR Books, Gail Leondar Wright,, and Chelsea Green Publishers,

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