Education Radio:Jonathan Kozol: Inequality and Education Reform 
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Education Radio  Jonathan Kozol: Inequality and Education Reform   
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In this weeks show we hear from author, educator and activist Jonathan Kozol as he spoke at the Save Our Schools conference in July of this year.

Jonathan Kozol is a vocal and courageous critic of education reform. He unmasks the hypocrisies of education reform and reveals the savage inequalities that exist between schools for the poor and schools for the rich, between schools for black and brown children and schools for white children. In the forties years since he published his first book, Death at an Early Age, Kozol has been witness to the increasing segregation of our schools, a growing discourse that denigrates teaching, a near total silencing of those who want to address the impact of poverty and racism on education, and an ever widening divide between the kinds of intellectual and creative opportunities offered to children of the rich and the rigid, mind-numbing technocratic schooling given to children of the poor.

Weaving together the personal and the political with humor and passion, in this first part of his speech, Kozal reminds us of the moral demands made by Martin Luther King to actively fight for equality for all children.

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  Chris Herland
Barbara Madeloni
Deborah Keisch Polin
Timothy Sutton
Tim Scott
Paul Dunphy
Joel Saxe 
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