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First, we continue with Michael Grunwald to look at the real changes brought in the Obama administration and why the media missed it.
Then, voter suppression tactics are on the rise and have become more sophisticated, according to election watchdogs. How much has changed over time and how much might it affect the election?
Michael Grunwald, Daniel Tokaji, Lorraine Minnitte, Alexander Keyssar  
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Last week, we began our conversation with Michael Grunwald, award winning journalist and author of the New New Deal. He described the process of passing the President's signature policies. We continue with part II of what he calls President Obama's new new deal.
Since January 2011, at least 180 bills were introduced in 41 states in efforts to restrict or suppress voting, according to the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU. However, nearly all of the worst new laws were blocked or repealed, largely as a result of actions in the courts. Some measures that still remain could affect up to 5 million citizens this election. Some watchdogs have suggested that suppression efforts are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to control, given the current laws We're joined by three experts.

Alexander Keyssar is Professor of History and Social Policy at Harvard. His book, "The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States (2000)," was named the best book in U.S. history by both the American Historical Association and the Historical Society; it was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Daniel Tokaji, is Professor of Law, Senior Fellow at Election Law @ Moritz at Ohio State University, co-author of "Casebook Election Law: Cases and Materials," and co-editor of Election Law Journal.

Lorraine Minnite is Professor of Public Policy and Administration, and Director of undergraduate Urban Studies Program at Rutgers University. She is the author of, "The Myth of Voter Fraud," and Coauthor of "Keeping Down the Black Vote: Race and the Demobilization of American Voters."

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