Radio Ecoshock Show:The C.I.A., Nigeria and Germany 
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Radio Ecoshock Show  The C.I.A., Nigeria and Germany  three interviews, 3 hosts, 3 continents 
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Radio Ecoshock  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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Prof. John D. Steinbruner report to the C.I.A. on disruptive climate change. Gerri Williams with Jonathan Kaufman, EarthRights International. Why do big oil companies pay for spills in developed countries, & get away with murder in Nigeria? From Berlin, Daphne Wysham with Hans Verholme: the fantastic growth of renewable energy in Germany.  John D. Steinbruner, Jonathan Kaufman, Hans Verholme 
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Lead author of report to the intelligence community on "sudden surprises" and security threats of climate change by the National Research Council.

When the government is funded by the oil companies and not taxpayers - anything goes in Nigeria. Forty years of pollution hurts fisherfolk & farmers. Unlike BP after the Gulf spill, no compensation or cleanup.

But recent cases in the Netherlands, and the U.S. Supreme Court try to make these would be corporate "persons" responsible for the repression and torture they fund.

Ends with some good news for a change. Last summer Germany, that industrial giant, had enough renewable energy to power the whole grid.

Green success much sooner than anyone thought possible. Daphne Wysham, long-time host of Earthbeat Radio, finds out how, from German energy and climate expert Hans Verholme. What can Americans and Canadians learn? 
John Steinbruner interview Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock.

Jonathan Kaufman interview by Gerri Williams, D.C. correspondent for Radio Ecoshock.

Hans Verholme interview by Daphne Wysham, Institute for Policy Studies

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Version 1: Ecoshock 121128 Part 1 and 2  
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