A Community of Voices:Hidden Stories from America's Beginning 
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A Community of Voices  Hidden Stories from America's Beginning   
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Think back to high school. Do you remember flipping through your US History textbook and reading about the heroism of George Washington? What about the peaceful dinner and tranquility celebrate by the pilgrims and Native Americans around Thanksgiving? And what about the dastardly deeds of Benedict Arnold?

What if, while all this may not be a lie, is also not necessarily the truth? What if US history has been sterilized in order to paint a more peaceful picture of our past? What if the general public only knows the history of the United States that paints it in the best light?

My guest this week is Kenneth Davis, historian and the author of the Don't Know Much About series. In his book, America's Hidden History, Kenneth examines some forgotten events, people, and situations, that shaped our nation, even if they aren't politically correct today. 
Kenneth Davis, historian and author of the Don't Know Much About series 
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