What's the Frequency, Kenneth?: "Guns and B(i)tter: The Gun Violence Debate Intensifies as Pres. Obama Starts His 2nd Term ( told thru narration, music and soundbites)  
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What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  "Guns and B(i)tter: The Gun Violence Debate Intensifies as Pres. Obama Starts His 2nd Term ( told thru narration, music and soundbites)    
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Paul Fischer  Specials  For non-profit use only. 
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The gun violence debate...how it's being portrayed by the politicians.. the gun lobbyists...and the media..told thru narration, music and soundbites  Paul Fischer writer/host 
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Note: Although listed in the "Specials" section, WTF,K? is a weekly series if you want to give iit a weekly timeslot.


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Carpetbaggers Jenny Lewis ft. Elvis Costello Acid Tongue. Rough Trade 2008 03:36
No Destruction Foxygen We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic. Jagjaguwar 2013 04:56
Green Garden Laura Mvula Sing To The Moon. Sony 2013 03:33
Just Make It Stop Low The Invisible Way. SubPop 2013 04:08
First Of My Kind Miles Kane First Of My Kind. Columbia 2012 03:10
Why Won't They Talk To Me Tame Impala Lonerism. Modular 2012 04:46
Breeze Blocks Alt-J Ann Awesome Wave. Infectious 2012 03:45
Anomaly Doldrums Lesser Evil. Arbutus 2013 04:00
Follow Through Freelance Whales Diluvia. Mom+Pop 2012 05:11
Drift Away Bleediing Rainbow Yeah, Right. Kanine 2013 04:00
Dropla Youth Lagoon Wondrous BugHouse. Fat Possum 2013 05:56
Ghosts and Creatures Telekinesis Dormarion. Merge 2013 04:05
See You The History of Apple Pie Out of View. Marshall Teller 2013 04:38
Warsaw Sharon Van Etten Tramp. Jagjaguwar 2012 02:27
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This program contains actualities including..NRA Pres, David Keene, Vice Pres., Joe Biden, Sen. Charles Schumer, Pres. Obama, Alex Jones, Gov. Chris Christie, Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelley w/Diane Sawyer, NRA ad, counter ad from gun control advocates, Richard Blanco, inaugural poet..excerpt from "One Today", Bob Schieffer w/ Jon Stewart, Newtown police chief,...from C-Span, political and media websites..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.
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View Script  NYC  01-23-2013  English 
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whatsfrequencykenneth  256Kbps mp3 (105.66MB) Stereo 
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