From The Vault 1 Hour Version:FTV 0409 - 1980 Retrospective on Radical Feminism  
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From The Vault 1 Hour Version  FTV 0409 - 1980 Retrospective on Radical Feminism    
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This Week on From The Vault.. Guest host Lynn Ballen, producer of Feminist Magazine heard on KPFK in Los Angeles introduces A Retrospective on Radical Feminism produced in 1980 by Moira Rankin and co-produced by Deborah George for Sophie s Parlor Collective, the oldest women s radio collective on the air at Pacifica s youngest station, WPFW in Washington D.C.  Betty Friedan, Fannie Lou Hamer and others  
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To put this program in perspective...

In 1980 when this program was broadcast women were working to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified in Congress. It failed in 1982.

But in 1980 hope was still alive and the following women contributed to this outstanding program and slice of herstory...

alix kates shulman, activist and author of Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen is interviewed and reads from her book, Burning Questions.

A woman from the Emergency Brigade recounts the 1937 great general motor sit down strike in Flint Michigan and the contributions of women to the labor unions.

An interview with a housewife.

An interview with Fannie Lou Hamer, founder of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party recalls the physical abuse she suffered in prison in a 1966 KPFA interview.

Leslie Cagan, then Chair of the New York University Committee to End the War of Vietnam and on the national coordination committee of the student mobilization committee describes the beginning of an autonomous women s movement that grew out of the anti-Vietnam war movement.

Cynthia Funk a member of the women s liberation group number 3 in New York City. Ms. Funk also describes the demonstration the group held at the 1968 Miss America Pageant. It was the first public outcry of using women as sex objects and received national press attention.

Joan Byron a member of the Furies, the first radical lesbian separatists groups describes their reasons for organizing.

At the 1977 United States international women s year conference in Houston, Betty Friedan renounces her position on the lesbian issue and supports the sexual preference resolution.

Carol Downer, one of the founders of the The Los Angles feminist health clinic speaks about the need for women to control their own bodies and have access to abortions.

Gerri Traina, editor of quest of feminist quarterly who ran the Washington area women s center in 1973. She speaks about the frustration women felt not being able to provide basic services.

Executive director of the national committee on household employment Edith Barksdale Sloane is interviewed about the need for basic services for women.

Jill Raymond, from Lexington Kentucky describes why she was jailed for refusing to turn in names of women in the movement.

Donna Keck, one of the founders of Women: A Journal of Liberation speaks about race within the women s movement.

Activist Cynthia Washington speaks about all the aspects of oppression including racism, classism, elitism, sexism, and ageism  
Produced by Moira Rankin and co-produced by Deborah George with Sophie's Parlor women's collective at WPFW in Washington D.C.  
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1980 Retrospective on Radical Feminism 
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