Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth:Clash of Worldviews 
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Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth  Clash of Worldviews  Technology vs. Nature 
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Teach- In on why Technology will not save the world. 45 Scholars, Authors & Activists over two days provide an analysis on why immediate change is required in our thinking,
behavior, values and economies.

"TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, celebrated throughout history, has had profound effects upon Nature, and human beings - our ways of thought, operating systems, power structures, and how we experience our own existence. This is especially so in the new cyber-tech world. Justifications still range from humanity's "unquenchable thirst" for knowledge, to the impareatives of economic growth, wealth and power in our economic system, to the acclaimed search to bring comfort and happiness to a global population. So, how have we done? What have been the trade offs? Meanwhile, spectacular, dreadful impacts continue and accelerate. Immediate change is required in our thinking, behavior, values and economies, before Nature and society are terminated." (Event program)

Human consciousnesses barely grasps the fact that the "Sixth Great Extinction" of Earth's life forms is underway due to human action or that humans have no greater significance in the ecological mix than bacteria. This epic teach-in seeks to frame the issues and offer ecologically sane alternatives that could result in a way out of the termination of Nature and society. 
Eileen Crist,Tom Butler, Lisi Krall, Susan Griffin, Charlene Spretnak 
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Saturday, Oct. 25
2nd panel - 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Elieen Crist, Virginia Tech: Confronting Anthropocentrism (0:00-18:29)
Tom Butler, Foundation for Deep Ecology: The Language of Dominion (18:30-35:12)
Lisi Krall, State U of New York, The Economic Evolution of Dominion (35:13-51:04)
Susan Griffin,"Women & Nature" Speed, Consciousness & Quantification (51:04-1:10:49)
Charlene Spretnak, "The Resurgence of the Real": Dynamic Interrelatedness (1:10:50-1:30:07)
Q&A (1:30:08-1:38:00) 
International Forum On Globalization -
The International Center For Technology Assessment -
NY Open Center -
The Schumacher Center For New Economics -

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Science / Technology | Language and Linguistics | Biodiversity / Extinction | Climate Change | Belief Systems  
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