Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth:"For the Good of Mankind" (Truman on the A-Bomb)-Nukes, Drones,Military Robots 
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Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth  "For the Good of Mankind" (Truman on the A-Bomb)-Nukes, Drones,Military Robots  Techno Solutionism: Building "Substitute" Nature 
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(7th panel) Teach-In on why Technology will not save the world. 45 Scholars, Authors & Activists over two days provide an analysis on why immediate change is required in our thinking,
behavior, values and economies.

With The Planet Depleted, overbuilt and poisoned, wild nature and its great gifts are disappearing. The economic challenge for a growth economy is to save itself by build entirely new resources bases to replace the old ones: New genetic foods, new genetic people and beings, new chemical skies to replace old ones (the victims of climate change), new molecular systems, new weaponry on earth and soon, in space, et. al.. For corporations, innovation solves the problem: Ignore the mess, create saleable "green" false solutions, and build and market "substitute nature" for uninterrupted product development and growth. (Event program)

This epic teach-in seeks to frame the issues and offer ecologically sane alternatives that could result in a way out of the termination of Nature and society. It also offers eye witness
accounts of the large scale testing of nuclear weapon radioactivity on human beings by scientist and medical professionals working for the U.S. government and the Pentagon. Dr. Helen Caldicott instructs all to NOT eat any foods or fish from Japan due to the cover-up of the severity of contamination from the continuing and uncontrolled reactor melt downs in Fukushima, Japan. 
Helen Caldicott,Neisen Laukon, Koohan Paik,Bruce Gagnon, Gar Smith 
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7th panel 7:45 - 10:00pm

Koohan Piak, (Guam/Korea/US), IFG: Marketing Nukes, Drones & Robots (0:00-8:55)
Helen Caldicott, (Australia) Physicians for Social Responsibility: Hiroshima, Fukushima & Beyond (8:55-31:14)
Film: Paradise Lost (31:14-41:39)
Neisen Laukon, Marshall Islands): Present at the Birth (41:42-57:55)
Bruce Gagnon, Global Network vs. Weapons in Space: Space Tech & Corporate Full spectrum Dominance (57:55-1:15:17)
Film: Robotic Takeover of the Military (1:15:17-1:21:17)
Gar Smith, Environmentalist Against War: Robots, Nature and the Singularity (1:21:17-1:43:25)

nternational Forum On Globalization -
The International Center For Technology Assessment -
NY Open Center -
The Schumacher Center For New Economics -

21 Co-Sponsors - see  
Politics and Activism | Environmental Racism | Nuclear Pollution | Children and Reproductive Health | Public Health and Safety | Militarism | Nuclear Weapons | Belief Systems  
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