:Are We Committed To The Deluge? 
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Not a Series  Are We Committed To The Deluge?  Professor Richard Alley - West Antarctic Ice Sheet (in)stability  
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Professor Richard Alley on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (in)stability. He spoke at the Department of Geophysical Sciences Noon Ballon, a weekly informal lunchtime presentation. Professor Alley was in town to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Chicago. Professor Douglas MacAyeal, a longtime colleague of Richard Alley was host of the event. He introduces him to the standing room only crowd in the Goldsmith Common Room with a short history of the role that glaciology played in Chicago's location, the Departments founding and its contributions to scientific discovery. Both he and the questions following the presentation are off mic but audible. I had a single lav mic on Professor Alley for the presentation.

Professor Alley is the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences Associate, Earth and Environmental Institute, Pennsylvania State University.

In his talk about the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, he also addresses the assumptions of economists that discount future costs to minimize spending in the present on climate mitigation. Assumptions about the nature of future losses, along with the belief that future generations will be richer and hence better able to buy solutions to the problems we bequeath, and the evolving technical precision of science itself, could be minimizing perception of future outcomes that are not at all nice and should be considered in forming policy.

The image he ends his presentation with is of a group of penguins standing on a deeply undercut ledge of a piece of ice, looking toward the water below. It is referenced in the last question. 
Professor Richard Alley, Professor Douglas MacAyeal - Host 
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"Richard Alley lecture to the 2009 AGU "The biggest control knob- Carbon Dioxide in Earth's climate history"". American Geophysical Union. Retrieved 2010-12-28.

MacAyeal and his colleagues have been able to show that events in the Arctic have consequences in the Antarctic. chronicle.uchicago.edu/061019/iceberg.shtml

EPS/SEAS Climate Science Breakfast: Coupled Feedbacks in the Climate Structure That Set the Time Scale for Irreversible Change: Arctic Isotopes to Stratospheric Radicals" with James Anderson, Philip S. Weld Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Harvard University. https://vimeo.com/126306925


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