:How I Learned to Love the Occupation and Stop Resisting 
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Not a Series  How I Learned to Love the Occupation and Stop Resisting  Bassem Eid on "A Palestinian Point of View" 
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Promoted as a Human Rights expert, a specialist on the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, Mr. Bassem Eid spoke to a small audience at International House; the topic "A Palestinian Point of View".

To hear his message and know something of the history of Palestine, the ethnic cleansing of the native population, planned and executed prior to the formal founding of the State of Israel, the occupation and cultural genocide practiced by Israel against the Palestinians, the siege of Gaza and the
periodic attacks on a defenseless civilian population with the machinery of modern warfare is to experience cognitive dissonance.

But to fathom the incongruity of Mr. Eid's discourse, one need look only to the sponsors of his two month speaking tour of the US; the Israeli government, Zionist foundations, and local chapters of National organizations working to legitimate Israeli occupation in Palestine as well as to also grasp the success that the BDS movement is having globally, but especially in the United States.

The much awarded "Human Rights Activist" Bassem Eidn castigated Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people for their current plight, while lauding Israel for its efforts to rebuild the damage that resulted in Gaza, from the firing of rockets by Hamas into Israel. Mr Eid dismissed the BDS movement as being counter productive and harmful to Palestinians. He went so far as to dismiss the occupation itself
and suggest that Israel was a benefactor, supplying much that is visible in the market place today. What has happened to the "billions and billions" of dollars given to Gaza he asked, implying that endemic Palestinian corruption could account for so little to show.

Gaza had been, prior to its repeated bombing and blockade, almost self sufficient in meeting its domestic needs with local food stuffs and manufacturing. That self sufficiency has been destroyed by the bombing of manufacturing plants, the farms,
the dairies, the greenhouses and all of the civilian infrastructure, which has in effect made Israeli businessmen the beneficiaries of the International Aid directed to Gaza.

Profits and jobs now go to Israel as it is largely only Israeli consumer goods, food stuffs and materials that are allowed into Gaza; Israel controls all the boarders by force of death.
Destroying Gaza's industry and agriculture has been an economic growth policy for the Israeli economy.

An air of disbelief was evident among some in the audience. The Q & A did not go well for the speaker or his handler; at least one person became angered by the "poison" he heard from Mr. Eid and was threatened with removal by authorities at the event, still he held his ground. Though five people remained in line to ask questions, the program was cut short by the moderator who, prior to assuming the role of graduate student at the University of Chicago, was a media specialist for the IDF.

As the room was being emptied, several members of the audience were willing to comment on the presentation. Comments were also obtained from audience members who were standing outside, the last from someone who had been in line with a question at the time the program was terminated.
Bassem Eid 
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1,387 Palestinian dead, including 773 civilians, 320 of whom were children;
13 Israelis dead, including three civilians and four soldiers killed in friendly fire;
3,425 housing units destroyed during the conflict, a further 2,843 sustained major damage and 54,800 sustained minor damage;
217 schools and 60 nurseries damaged or destroyed;
40 primary health care clinics and 12 hospitals damaged;
29 ambulances damaged or destroyed; and
One UN compound attacked.
International House, U Chicago - Global Voices
Government of Israel
J Street-UChicago
Newberger Hillel Center, UChicago
Pozen Family Center for Human Rights 
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