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 Good Friday Agreement on Northern Ireland Becomes an Issue in UK Election
  Ann Garrison  00:03:17
 Jeremy Corbyn Departs from Bernie Sanders with Antiwar Foreign Policy
  Ann Garrison  00:02:45
 : Ireland's New Rising: An Exclusive Report
  Laura Flanders  00:27:50
 : Sue Harding - UK Foley Artist - A Mighty Heart, Becoming Jane, The Broken, In Bruges, The Angel's Share, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Philomena, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, The Imitation Game, and the upcoming Born to Be Blue
  MergingArts Productions  00:29:04
 : A Flowering of Resistance: Report on the April 14 Shut It Down Day of Resistance Against Police Murder, Voices of Resisters and a Theaterical Trip into the Irish Resistance
  Michael Slate  00:58:52
 : Insighters and the Scholars' Circle 9 22 11
  Insighters Radio  00:58:00
 : Jude Farr - UK Set Decorator - Ondine and The King's Speech
  MergingArts Productions  00:29:00
 : Steve Lynch - Irish composer - Cromwell in Ireland, Mr. Foley, Crossing Salween
  MergingArts Productions  00:29:00
  Surreal News  00:02:03
 : Nico Mensinga - Awarding winning UK Screenwriter
  MergingArts Productions  00:29:00


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