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What is AudioPort? 'The Pacifica AudioPort', or AudioPort for short, is Pacifica's system for distributing programming for broadcast, on the Internet. It is in spirit an extension of our KU satellite distribution system, yet add much more flexibility to our distribution options.
Is AudioPort for public use? The AudioPort is intended for use by the staff of Pacifica sister stations and affiliate stations. However, independent producers who want to offer their programming to the Pacifica Network of listeners is also invited to use it.
Can I register? Yes, the AudioPort is a free website for producers to share their programming with other AudioPort members.
Can I use AudioPort to make money? No, AudioPort is not a money making website. We do not offer pay for play and we do not pay for play.
Can I add my programming here? This feature is available only to registered users.
What is 'My Workroom'? Each registered member of AudioPort has their own 'My Workroom'. It's an area of the AudioPort that allows for files to be placed in private without making them publicly available for download, and to access and edit the programming you've shared.
All files you've uploaded appear in your own 'My Workroom'.
'My Workroom' is available only to registered users.
I have questions about file size and format limitations. All technical FAQs are on this page.
I have lots of technical questions, what is...

All technical FAQs not on this page are here.

I am a producer at a Pacifica affiliate or sister station, can I ... FAQs for Pacifica affiliate and sister station producers are here.
I am an independent radio producer, can I ... FAQs for independent producers are here.
I am a producer for Sprouts, how do ... FAQs for Sprouts producers are here.


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