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 102.3 FM WHIV-LP is a program of The New Orleans Society for Infectious Disease Awareness (NOSIDA), which was established in 2009 by local activist and infectious diseases physician Dr. MarkAlain Dery. NOSIDA's focus is to raise awareness about HIV and other infectious diseases through music. Such illnesses are completely preventable, yet disproportionately affect disadvantaged and marginalized populations. NOSIDA received its non-profit status in 2010.

Expanding its impact locally, NOSIDA was awarded an FCC license for a 100 watt lower power FM community radio station in 2014. On World AIDS Day 2014, WHIV was officially launched, featuring local music, protest songs, and programming dedicated to human rights and social justice. Our AIM has always been Advocacy through Innovative Messaging.

As of 2019, 102.3 FM WHIV-LP features more than 70 hosts and DJs, broadcasting over 12 hours of daily and original content throughout New Orleans, and streaming online in all 50 states and 85 countries worldwide. The majority of WHIV's listeners and supporters are from the greater New Orleans metropolitan area, and all of our shows, music, and content is run by a determined group of local volunteers.

Topics on this grassroots radio station range from health as a human right to workers rights to reproductive justice and from Islam in the Crescent City to the Haitian community in New Orleans. There are also many local musicians that showcase a wide array of eclectic sounds.

We are WHIV. We honor independent voices. We are human rights and social justice radio. #EndAllWars
Programs from Producer: MarkAlain Dery
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 : Wealthy Nations Hurting Global Vaccination Efforts, COVID Echoes HIV, and Grief Support Through Religion
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-04-06 00:10:01
 : Children of Color, and Women Dressed Up as Grandmas
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-04-05 00:09:59
 : NoiseFilter Hour Show Released 10/10/2020
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-04-04 00:58:29
 : Coronavirus and HIV, and Herd Immunity
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-04-02 00:09:59
 : Opioid Overdoses, Hidden Homeless Crisis, and Teen Trials
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-04-01 00:10:02
 : Long Haulers, and Controversial UK Study
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-31 00:10:03
 : 4 Reasons for the Global Decline in Cases, Next Steps After the Vaccine, and Learning to Breathe Again
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-30 00:10:02
 : An Overlooked Community, Extreme Weather Extending the Pandemic, Vaccine Envy, and Vaccine for Many Coronaviruses
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-29 00:10:02
 : NoiseFilter Hour 3-28-2021
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-28 00:58:44
 : Anti-Asian Racism, Pandemic Tracking, and Music Therapy
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-26 00:10:02
 : Flaws in the US Healthcare System, and Free Tests for Pets
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-25 00:10:02
 : The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-24 00:09:59
 : Data Dashboard Growing Pains, Choosing to Die at Home, and Pharmacy Vaccine Program
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-23 00:10:02
 : Mandatory Travel Quarantines: Asia, and The Success of Tribal Health Providers
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-22 00:10:02
 : NoiseFilter Hour Show Released 10/10/2020
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-21 00:58:42
 : Retired Nurses, Fake Vaccine, and Hand Washing History
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-19 00:10:02
 : Misinformation About Vaccines and Women, Vaccine Startup Issues, and Testing at Airports
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-18 00:10:02
 : Indias Success, Pakistans Wealthy Population, Privacy Concerns with Private Companies, and Mental Health Days for Students
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-17 00:10:02
 : The Oxygen Industry, Hospitalizations in Scotland Since Pfizer, and Let Mothers Scream
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-16 00:10:00
 : COVID-19 Public Health Updates - Week 64
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-15 00:10:02
 : NoiseFilter Hour Show Released 3/14/2021
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-14 00:58:52
 : Public Health Officials Leaving, Fake N95 Masks, and Hygiene Theater
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-12 00:10:04
 : Americas Inequitable Job Recovery, Mandatory Travel Quarantines: Australia and New Zealand, and The Forgotten Grocery Workers
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-11 00:10:03
 : Mandatory Travel Quarantines, Brazils Second Outbreak, Private Companies in Public Health, and Swapping out Candy for Tests
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-10 00:10:00
 : COVID-19 Public Health Updates - Week 63 - Part 2
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-09 00:10:02
 : COVID-19 Public Health Updates - Week 63
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-08 00:10:02
 : NoiseFilter Hour Show Released 3-8-2021
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-07 00:58:41
 : Pakistans Rich and Conspiracy Theorists, Risky Pandemic Pods, Nursing Coming Out of Retirement, and Battle of the NBA Players
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-05 00:10:02
 : Fewer Cases in India, Racial Data and Vaccine Distribution, and Vaccination Startup Scandal
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-04 00:10:02
 : College Attendance for Latinx Students, Mental Health Days for Students, and The History of Hand Washing
  MarkAlain Dery 2021-03-03 00:10:02
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